Friday, October 22, 2010

If you can Remember That Summer in Dublin, you probably weren't there man

Summer in Dublin by Bagatelle is almost an unofficial anthem for Dublin. The city really has produced or inspired many great rock bands, musicians and artists over the years. Some indeed have written songs specifically about the capital but this song really sticks out head and shoulders above the rest.

It was penned sometime back in the 1970s by Liam O'Reilly and was a hit for Bagatelle in 1980. 

Summer in Dublin is a paean to a city and it could only be about Dublin. Listen carefully. Although told from the perspective of someone who is departing it's clear that he is leaving, not with bitter intent, but indeed with memories so fond as to be almost heart-wrenching:
So I'm leaving on wednesday morning trying to find a place where i can hear
The tunes of the birds and the sea on the rocks, where open roads always are near
And if sometimes I tire of the quiet, and I want to walk back up that hill
I'll just get on the road and stick out my thumb cos I know for sure you'll be there still.
Back then of course Ireland was a different place - as recalled here by one who would evidently rather forget. The economy was in something of a recession, everyone thought the place was going down the swanny and the Liffey really did stink like hell.

Not so today - the Liffey has cleaned up considerably in case you haven't noticed!

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